BATTAGLIOLI. A Capriccio View of a Riverside Town.

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BATTAGLIOLI. A Capriccio View of a Riverside Town.
Francesco Battaglioli. A Capriccio View of a Riverside Town.
XVIII secolo

Monochrome, black, brown and gray watercolor. 170x230 mm. Glued and boxed with pen and watercolor on a support sheet. At the bottom left, on the support sheet, the writing in sepia ink "Battagioli maestro Canaletto". Excellent condition.

Condition Report

Beautiful view with spectacular effects that chiaroscuro, which recalls the famous engravings by Francesco Bellotto, known as il Canaletto. Francesco Battaglioli, Modena, 1725 - Venice, 1796, was an artist appreciated by contemporaries: he was present in Venice, which became his adopted homeland, from 1747 to 1751, a period in which his name appears in the Fraglia of the painters. In 1754 he was called to Madrid at the court of Ferdinand IV, for which he painted the views of the Royal Palaces of Aranjuez and Madrid. At the Spanish court he weaves a collaborative relationship with Farinelli and Metastasio, creating the sets for numerous melodramatic performances. He returned to Venice in 1759 and, having joined the Academy of Fine Arts, in 1778 he succeeded Visentini in the chair of perspective.

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