Gastronomy. FERRARI. Gli elogi del porco.

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Gastronomy. FERRARI. Gli elogi del porco.
 FERRARI, Giuseppe. Gli elogi del porco capitoli berneschi di Tigrinto Bistonio Modena, Eredi di B. Soliani, 1761

4to, 240x175 mm; binding in boards. Red and black title page, woodcut vignette on title page by Bartolozzi depicting a pork framed by a baroque cartouche. Woodcut Initials and ornaments. Also contains: Letter of the. to Abbot Frugoni, in response to the latter. The name of Giuseppe Ferrari is derived from c. A4 v. Preface by Carlo Antonio Giardini. Dedication of the Author to Giambattista Araldi. Good copy.

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Curious and rare first edition of these bernesque chapters in which the author, originally from Castelvetro di Modena, set forth a series of paradoxical praises aimed at the social redemption of the pork and, of course, a praise of fresh produce and sausages resulting from its slaughter. Vicaire, 835. Westbury, 31. Palear Henssler.
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