Jesuit travels. BARTOLI. Della vita e dell'istituto di S. Ignazio fondatore della Compagnia di Gesł.

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Jesuit travels. BARTOLI. Della vita e dell'istituto di S. Ignazio fondatore della Compagnia di Gesł.
 BARTOLI, Daniello. Della vita e dell'istituto di S. Ignazio fondatore della Compagnia di Gesù... In Roma, appresso Domenico Manelfi, 1650.

In-folio, mm 330x210. Contemporary vellum with manuscript titles on the back. Engraved Frontispiece, pages [16], 724, [18, included the errata leaf]. Coat of arms of the Jesuits on the Title-page and colophon. In the Title-page, a handwritten note of dedication dated 1791, "Dono fatto dall'avvocato Vincenzo Ambrogio Galdi al chiarissimo e dottissimo sig. Abate D. Filippo de M... 1791" [Gift made by the lawyer Vincenzo Ambrogio Galdi to the very clear and very fine Mr. Abbot D. Filippo de M ... 1791]; on the verso manuscipt note of belonging"Ex Bibliotheca Vincentii Ambrogii Galdii ... Romae ... MDCCLXVII". Sporadic foxing, some browned leaves, overall good specimen.

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Rare first edition of this impressive biography of St. Ignatius. Divided into five books, it is a historical source of primary importance. Daniello Bartoli was called in 1649 to Rome by Father Carafa as the Company's official historian and from that moment on he worked tirelessly on his colossal project of an overall Jesuit history, which would cover all continents and individual nations and whose premise would be constituted from this biography of St. Ignatius. The Historia had to include four parts, one for each continent (Asia, Europe, Africa and America): the beautiful Frontispiece, engraved by Cornelis Bloemaert from a draw of Jan Miel, bears the title "Historia" and contains four large allegorical figures which allude to the four continents. The Historia project remained unfinished and only some parts came out separately, with their own life, after many years. Prestigious provenance: exemplary belonged to the Neapolitan patrician Vincenzo Galdi Ambrose of Aragon, Salerno 1743 - Naples 1820, important cultural an political figure of the Kingdom of Naples, which places its dedication on the Title Page. The Count, the Fiscal Attorney of the Kingdom to the Holy See, in 1759 founded the Salernitana Academy of Immaturi that, transferred to Naples, called Reale Arcadia Sebezia Mergellina, trying to offer ideological support to the Neapolitan Crown. Among its members are the future popes Clement XIV and Pio VI, and the cardinals Fabrizio Ruffo and Francesco Pignatelli. The widespread diffusion of the Academy in the Kingdom favored the reconquest of Cardinal Ruffo in 1799. Vinciana 4905.
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