Literary invective. RUGGERI. Trutina Delpholudicri...

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Literary invective. RUGGERI. Trutina Delpholudicri...
 RUGGERI, Francesco. Trutina Delpholudicri tabellariatus Traiani Boccalini. Sit, Herrera, 1622

Large 8vo, 210x156 mm; binding in boards, [2], XXXIX, [5] pages (last page blank). Collation: a( -a2) E4 A-B8 C; a1 signed 'a2', A2 signed 'B2'.  Title and each text page within border of type ornaments. Pages [2]-[3] at end contain the epitaph Trissino composed for his tomb; p. [4]-[5], for "Epitaphia varia incertorum auctorum, pro tumulo Traini Boccalini," are deliberately left blank. Fine copy.

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Very rare first edition. The work, printed on the indication of the Trissino family, is a fierce attack against Traiano Boccalini: at the same time it is a praise of Giovanni Giorgio Trissino to report in the end the epitaph at Sant'Agata in Rome. There are two white pages where readers are invited to write 'Epitaphia varia' to be placed on the tomb of Boccalini.
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