Medicine. OLMO. De certa ratione iudicandi ex Urinis.

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Medicine. OLMO. De certa ratione iudicandi ex Urinis.
 OLMO, Giovanni Francesco. Francisci Ulmi Medici Brixiani De certa ratione iudicandi ex Urinis. Libri Quatuor. Venezia, Gerolamo Polo, 1578.

Small 8vo mm. 160 x 100; Contemporary sewing binding; leaves 4, 94, 10, Printer?s device on title page. Stamp of extinct library on title page, sign of humidity, good copy.

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First and only edition of this rare work, in which the author, the doctor from Brescia Giov. Francesco Olmo, deepens the subject of diagnostics through urinoscopy, better defining the modalities and correcting some errors that Johannes Actuarius would have said in his classic De Urinis treatise. The author, on whom the news are scarce, was active between 1570 and 1597. S.T.C., XVI Cent. Italian Books, p. 475; Durling, n. 3394
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