Numismatics. BELLINI. De monetis Italiae Medii Aevi...

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Numismatics. BELLINI. De monetis Italiae Medii Aevi...
 BELLINI, Vincenzo. De monetis Italiae Medii Aevi hactenus non evulgatis quae in suo musaeo servantur una cum earundem iconibus dissertatio. Ferrara, Typis Bernardini Pomatelli [Typis Joseph Rinaldi], 1755.

in-4to, 270x196 mm.; contemporary sewing binding. Pp. VIII, 116; Printer's mark on titlepge in red and black ink. A lot of woodcut with medieval coins and medals, woodcut initials, big vignette engraved on copper on p. 3 depicting coats of arms of noblemen. Nice specimen.

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First edition of this collection, made up of Greek and Roman coins of the Republican and imperial age, but mostly a considerable documentation of the production of Italian mints from the communal age, to the coinage of noblemen, up to the papal issues contemporary to him. The scholar from Ferrara gave a decisive impulse to the studies on the medieval coin, collected in this volume, until then neglected because of the predominant interest in classicism.
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