PAOLETTI. Due allegorie della lettura.

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PAOLETTI. Due allegorie della lettura.
Pietro, PAOLETTI. Due allegorie della lettura.
Inizio XIX secolo

2 Polychrome watercolors on small round cards. Diameter 70 mm. Excellent condition.

Condition Report

The two allegories take up the typical mythological depictions of fresco painting of the neoclassical Venetian school. They represent respectively: a character seated on a cloud reading a book in a roll; a group taken up in perspective from below, with two women, one of whom is sitting and reading a large sheet. Pietro Paoletti, 1801-1847, painter of Belluno, specializing above all in the frescoes and engraving engraver. His ability as a fresco artist put him into practice throughout the peninsula. His works include frescoes for the Basilica of the Abbey of Montecassino, the Church of Santa Maria Formosa in Venice, and for many of the Torlonia properties in Rome, including Palazzo Torlonia in Piazza Venezia and Villa Torlonia in Rome. He also frescoed the apse and the dome of the Cathedral of Rieti with stories from the Bible.

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