NOVELLI. Volto di donna in ovale.

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NOVELLI. Volto di donna in ovale.

Drawing with black ink on signed paper. 188x131 mm, Glued on Oval squared support sheet with double pen fillet. Under the oval on the left signature with brown "P. Novelli dis ”. Excellent condition.

Condition Report

Face study of a young woman looking upwards. Pietro Antonio Novelli, 1729-1805, painter, engraver and poet, had as a tutor Don Pietro Antonio Toni who introduced him to the pictorial arts, but also to literature and the study of the harpsichord. From the artistic point of view it was based on the great Venetian masters of tradition, such as Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, Giovanni Battista Piazzetta and Gaspare Diziani. In 1773 he stayed in Bologna and in 1779 in Rome, where contacts with neoclassicism made his style more composed but probably less imaginative. In the numerous frescoes and altarpieces there are also elements of the Venetian Rococo, which was influenced by the frequentation of Jacopo Amigoni. He created the canvas depicting Saints Peter and Paul and the Holy Trinity for the Archpriest Church of Levada di Piombino Dese. He also illustrated the Goldonian comedies published by Zatta. Rodolfo Pallucchini: «he was one of the most interesting and lively artists of Venice in the second half of the century: certainly his curriculum is not without substantial contradictions. But his was the destiny of those who work in the moment of transition between two civilizations: that of late Baroque Venice and the other of the advent of an international culture like the neoclassical one».

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