Politics. MAZZARINO. Epilogo de' dogmi politici.

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Politics. MAZZARINO. Epilogo de' dogmi politici.
 MAZZARINO, Giulio. Epilogo de' dogmi politici secondo i dettami rimastine dal cardinal Mazzarino dal latino nell'italiano idioma ultimamente trasportati dedicato all'illustriss. & eccellentiss. sig. barone Ferdinando Torriano de Tassis... In Colonia, per. Gio. Selliba, 1698

Bound with: Raccolta di dogmi ... Opera, e studio dell'A.D.G.R.C.M. In Venezia, per Domenico Louisa, 1716.

16mo, 141x79 mm., contemporary full vellum binding, manuscript title on back. Pp. 162, [6]. Vignette on titlepage. Woodcut initials, headpieces and endpieces. Round and italic type. Pp. 57, [3], vignette on titlepage. Woodcut initial. Spread browning, good specimen.

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Rare second edition in Italian. The "Breviarium politicorum, secundum rubricas Mazarinicas" is translated, an apocryphal work that presents a set of maxims for orienting oneself in political life. These maxims, written by a protagonist of political power in seventeenth-century Europe, ignore the abstractions that support politics and power, and are dedicated to the single individual who wants to prevail over others
The second work is a collection of proverbial sentences, of practical advice, which can be applied to the most diverse situations.
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