Natural Science-Mineralogy. MAFFEI. Commentariorum Vrbanorum Raphaelis Volaterrani.

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Natural Science-Mineralogy. MAFFEI. Commentariorum Vrbanorum Raphaelis Volaterrani.
MAFFEI, Raffaele. Commentariorum Vrbanorum Raphaelis Volaterrani.
Parigi Venundantur Ioanni Paruo, Iodoco Badio, Claudio Cheuallonio, & Conrado Resch, 1526

Folio, mm. 340x220. Bella legatura coeva in p. pelle con cornici e fleuron dorati ai piatti. Cc. [18], CCCCXXII. Titolo stampato in rosso e nero all’interno di cornice architettonica, marca tipografica di Berthold Rembold al Colophon a c. 2G8r. Iniziali xil. Tracce di restauro al dorso, buon esemplare.

Bell’edizione dell’umanista Raffaele Maffei (1451-1522) che servì alla corte di Papa Paolo II. ''An authentic monument of humanistic encyclopedism, destined for an immediate European fortune and to remain in vogue as a maximum repertoire encyclopedic until the 17th century '' (DBI., vol. 67, p. 2549). It is an interesting encyclopedia that deals with Geography (the first 12 books), Anthropology, Zoology, Botany, Medicine, Music, Natural Sciences etc. The chapter 'Loca nuper reperta' contains references to Colombo and the travels of the Spanish and Portuguese to the Americas. Adams M-102; BM STC German p. 585; Alden/L. 530/27; Harrisse 43: "les récentes découvertes des Espagnols et des Portugais son appréciées au point de vue du christianisme qui les avait inspires"; Sabin 43767-68.
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