Wine. LOMENI. Del vino, sua fabbricazione.

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Wine. LOMENI. Del vino, sua fabbricazione.
 LOMENI, Ignazio. Del vino, sua fabbricazione, conservazione, sue degenerazioni. Milano, Stella, 1834

Small 8vo, 160x105 mm, quarter calf and cloth, gilt titles and ornaments on the spine, sprayed edges. 4 copper plates at the end of the vol. Good copy.

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The Lomeni "lived in Magenta. he invented a crusher, on which all those made in the 19th century were modeled. "The work contains: Cultivation of vines: soil, exposure, climate, choice of vines, plantation, Harvest: Maturity of the grapes, Harvesting, Making wine: quality intrinsic of the various types of grapes; Preparation of the grapes: fermenting: rooms and fermentation vessels; vinification fermentation; various methods of winemaking; carbonic acid gas; drawing off; narrows; sparkling wines, cheap, white; preservation of wines: rooms; ; Practices; Luxury Wines: First and Second Wines; Bottles; Corks; Bottles Turbines; Bottles of Wine; Bottling Machines; Wine Degeneration: Acetosity, Failure; Various Products of Wine and Grapes: Vinegar, Brandy, Tartar, Verdigris, Grape syrup.
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