Mathematical Logic. PEANO. Formulaire de Mathématiques.

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Mathematical Logic. PEANO. Formulaire de Mathématiques.
PEANO, Giuseppe. Formulaire de Mathématiques.
Turin, Bocca, 1894-1908.

8 parti in-8vo, mm. 240x160, Brochure editoriale, tomo IV in tela coeva. 
Così composto:
1 - Notations de Logique Mathématique. Torino, Guadagnini, 1894, pp. 52. è l’introduzione al Formulaire de Mathématique publié par la "Rivista di Matematica". Brochure editoriale, slegato.
2 – Revue de Mathématique, Tome VI, Torino, Bocca, 1896-99, pp. 188. Con: Introduction au tome II du formulaire de mathématiques. Inoltre, di Peano: Sulle formule di logica [F2 § 1]; Additions et correction à F2; Sul § 2 del Formulario, t. II Aritmetica.  
3 - Formulaire de Mathématique publié par la Revue de Mathématiques [Rivista di Matematica]. Tome II - N° 2. Torino, Bocca e Clausen, 1898. pp. VIII, 59.
4 - Formulaire de Mathématique publié par la Revue de Mathématiques... Tome II - N° 3. Torino, Bocca e Clausen, 1899, pp. 198, [2]. 
5 - Formulaire Mathématique publié par G. Peano. Edition de l'an 1902-03 [Tome IV de l'édition complète]. Torino, Clausen, 1903, pp. XVI, 406, [4]. 
6 - Formulario Mathematico edito per G. Peano. Editio V [Tomo V de Formulario completo], ]. Torino, Bocca, 1908, pp. XXXVI.
7 – Formulario Mathematico, Fasciculo I. Torino, Bocca, 1908, pp. 272.
8 - Formulario Mathematico, Fasciculo 2. Torino, Bocca, 1908, pp. 273-463.\
Le parti 1-5 contengono: Introduzione del Tomo I; la prima sezione del Tomo II; l’intero Tomo IV; le parti 6-8 formano il tomo V dell’edizione definitiva. 

Edizione definitiva completa del Formulaire, che corrisponde al Tomo V. D.S.B.: “There were five editions of the Formulario. The first appeared in 1895; the last was completed in 1908... But Peano was less interested in logic as a science per se than in logic as used in mathematics... Thus the last two editions of the Formulario introduce sections on logic only as it is needed in the proofs of mathematical theorems.” Kennedy: “This edition contains some 4200 formulas and theorems, completely stated (i.e., hypotheses given) and in many cases proved. There is a wealth of historical and bibliographical information and often direct quotations from original authors of theorems are given.” 
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