Arts and Sciences, Science. FERGUSON. Tables and Tracts relative to Several Arts and Sciences.

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Arts and Sciences, Science. FERGUSON. Tables and Tracts relative to Several Arts and Sciences.

FERGUSON, James. Tables and Tracts relative to Several Arts and Sciences. The Second Edition, with Additions.  

London, Strahan, Rivington etc., 1771. 

In-8vo, mm. 200 x 130, pp. XV, (1), 334, (2), con 3 tavv. in rame ripiegate al fine. Leg. piena pelle epoca, dorso con tassello e filetti.  Cerniera anteriore incrinata, ma ottimo es. per il resto. 

Seconda edizione accresciuta di questa interessante manuale contenente una grande varietà di “numerical tables relative to Arts & Science” dell’astronomo inglese James Ferguson (1710-1776), lo "scienziato contadino" autodidatta (fu pastore fino all’eta di 14 anni).  Tra queste Tables, ricordiamo quelle relative al “True time of New and Full Moon; For solving astromical problems; Representing diurnal motions of Sun & Moon in a clock;  Showing the periodical revolution of the Earth;  Representing the motion of Jupiter, the annual revolutions of Mercury, Venus and Earth round the Sun; For finding the corresponding years of the Julian period; Showing the power required to work any hydraulic engine; Comparing English avoirdupoise with Foreign measures; Shewing the Interest of any sum of money, for any number of days, at any rate of interes; The price of goods from AD 1066 to 1764; The probabilities of human life; The velocity of Light and Sound; The cause of ebbing and flowing of the Sea at the same time in opposite sides of the globe; etc. etc.”


Zeitlinger, n. 7864; Poggendorff, I/734. 
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