Neurology. GALL. Anatomie et physiologie du systême nerveux.

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Neurology. GALL. Anatomie et physiologie du systême nerveux.

GALL, Franz Joseph & SPURZHEIM, Johann Caspar. Anatomie et physiologie du systême nerveux en général et du cerveau en particulier. Paris, F. Schoell; Libr. Greque-Latine-Allemande; Maze, 1810-1819

5 Voll.: 4 voll. di testo in-4to, mm. 280x210; 1 Vol. in-folio “Atlas”, mm. 490x330; Leg. coeva m. pelle; complessive pp. 1700 ca. e 100 tavole incise su rame [1 su doppia pagina]. Così composto: I, F. Schoell, 1810: pp. [4], LIX, [1], 352; II, F. Schoell, 1812: pp. [4], 466, [2]; III, Libr. Greque-Latine-Allemande, 1818: pp. [6], XXXIII, [3], 372 ; IV, Maze, 1819: pp. [6], 404; Atlas, Libr. Greque-Latine-Allemande, 1819: Titolo originale in cartonato decorato, 100 tavole numer. inc. in rame, di cui una su doppia pagina. Le tavole sono inc. da Bouquet su disegno di Pretre. Mancano 8 pagine non numerate all’inizio dei vol. I, III e IV, con le dediche. Fioriture e macchie diffuse.Segno di usura alle legature. Copia non sofisticata.

Prima edizione. Opera fondativa della neurologia moderna, splendidamente figurata. Garrison: ““Gall & Spurzheim established the fact that the white matter of the brain consists of nerve fibers and that the gray matter of the cerebral cortex represents the organs of mental activity. They were the first to demonstrate that the trigeminal nerve was not merely attached to the pons, but that it sent root fibers as far down as the inferior olive in the medulla. In addition, they confirmed once and forever the medullary decussation of the pyramids.” Heirs of Hippocrates: “This elaborately produced work attests to the fact that, despite his later fall into disrepute, Gall was an excellent anatomist. A number of original anatomical observations are introduced in this five volume work, including the concept of localization of brain function. Because Spurzheim parted with Gall in 1814, only the first two volumes were produced collaboratively. The 100 plates which comprise the atlas are exquisitely rendered”. DSB: “Gall made a number of important neuranatomical discoveries. Their full significance was not appreciated until the development of histological and neurophysiological findings was integrated with the influence of his theoretical and speculative conceptions many decades after his death.  The unifying theme in his neuroanatomical work was the conception of the nervous system as a hierarchically ordered series of separate but interrelated ganglia designed on a unified plan... The gray matter was the matrix of nerves, and the fibrous white matter served as a conducting function. The inclusion of the cerebral cortex in this scheme was an important development away from lingering glandural and humoral conceptions... Gall and Spurzheim’s investigations gave considerable impetus to the study of neuroanatomy, and both their findings and their general conceptions proved very important when they were later integrated with an evolutionary view of the nervous system and with the neuron theory”. 

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