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Aerostatics. Two works. CARPANI-SALADINI.

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Aerostatics. Two works. CARPANI-SALADINI.
CARPANI, Giuseppe. Sulla macchina areostatica che salza.
Milano, Giuseppe Marelli, giugno 1791

8vo, 175x122 mm.; cadboard binding. Pp. VIII. Woodcut head-piece and end-piece. Good specimen.

Giuseppe Carpani was an Italian writer and librettist. After completing his law studies, after a period of practice in Milan, he followed his artistic passion by writing several works including comedies and librettos. The work in question is a graceful composition in sestine written in Lombard dialect.

Bound with:

SALADINI, Guglielmo. Memoria intorno ai Globi Aerostatici recitata ai 13 Brinatore anno IX Repubblicano 4 dicembre 1800 u.s.) dal cittadino Saladini Accademico dell'Istituto delle Scienze di Bologna.  Bologna, s.t., 1800.

8vo mm. 210 x 140, pp. 16. Wrappers. Good copy.

The author, starting from some propositions by Euler, demonstrates the property of the aerostatic globes for which "once placed in equilibrium they permanently conserve it for all that height, to which they want to raise"; demonstration that, according to the author, should benefit the horizontal direction of the globes. G. Saladini (1735-1813), a mathematician from Lucca, is the author of various other academic memories on aerostatic machines.


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