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Physics. MOSZKOWSKI. Einstein Einblicke in seine Gedankenwelt.

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Physics. MOSZKOWSKI. Einstein Einblicke in seine Gedankenwelt.

EINSTEIN. MOSZKOWSKI, Alexander. Einstein Einblicke in seine Gedankenwelt.

Hamburg, Hoffmann - Berlin, Fontane, 1921

In-8vo, mm. 215x145; Brossura editoriale in tela con titolo in oro al piatto anteriore; pp. 240: Tracce d’uso alla legatura, internamente buon esemplare. 

Prima edizione. Moszkowski espone in modo chiaro e comprensibile la teoria della relatività e le sue implicazioni, basandosi anche su numerosi colloqui con Einstein. Il capitolo finale, Er selbst, è dedicato espressamente alla personalità di Einstein. The Net Advance of Physics: “Moszkowski, born in 1851, was a successful journalist and popular novelist -- one of the first writers of science fiction in German -- but for that very reason had a somewhat controversial reputation. He met Einstein in 1916 and immediately knew that here was someone history would remember as a German titan like Goethe; he resolved forthwith to be remembered himself as a new Eckermann, and carefully recorded all of his conversations with the rising genius… The published text of 1921 (followed here) apparently is only part of what Moszkowski wrote, having been heavily abridged in the fear that a longer work would make Einstein come across as a narcissist obsessed with his own fame… Even in its partial state Einstein the Searcher fulfills its German title, providing remarkable and otherwise unobtainable "insights into the thought-world" of the greatest physicist of the 1900s during a critical period of his life. While the reader might wish that there was a bit more Einstein and less Moszkowski in some of the dialogues, one cannot but be grateful to the author for recording (and sometimes provoking) Einstein's comments on subjects about which his views would otherwise be unknown.” The Net Advance of Physics.
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