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Cosmography. MAUROLICO. Cosmographia.

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Cosmography. MAUROLICO. Cosmographia.
MAUROLICO, Francesco. Cosmographia Francisci Maurolyci Messanensis Siculi, in tres dialogos distincta: in quibus de forma, situ, numeroque tam coelorum quam elementorum, alijsque rebus ad astronomica rudimenta spectantibus satis disseritur.
Venezia, apud haeredes Lucae'antonij Iuntae Florentini, mense Ianuario 1543 
In-4to; 220x160 mm. Legatura in tutta pergamena antica, titolo manoscritto sul dorso. Carte 4, 4, 104, ultima bianca; Numerose figure astronomiche e di strumenti incise in legno nel testo. Tracce di timbri di collezioni private nel Frontespizio. Buono stato di conservazione.
Prima edizione della più importante opera di cosmografia pre-copernicana, in cui sono citati in più passi i viaggi di Colombo e Vespucci in America. Maurolico affronta la questione della rotazione della terra. Dreyer: “In this book, which is in the form of a dialogue, the teacher says that he has now finished what he has to say about earth, unless human perversity should go so far that someone believed the earth to revolve on its axis. On the pupil replying that so strange an opinion could scarcely enter anyone's head, the teacher remarks that many people teach even greater absurdities, and it may therefore be well to prove that the earth cannot possibly move. The preface to this book is dated February 1540, but the year of publication is 1543, so that it must remain an open question whether Maurolico alludes to Calcagnini or to Copernicus.” 
Riccardi I, 2, 140 “"bella ediz., raro”; Harrisse (Additions) 142; Houzeau/Lancaster 2411 “rare”; DSB IX, 190f. Sabin 46957, “very rare volume”. Stillwell 79. J.L. Dreyer, A History of Astronomy from Thales to Kepler, p. 295. The work is offered with a valid export license.


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