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Demonology. BODIN. De la demonomanie.

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Demonology. BODIN. De la demonomanie.
BODIN, Ioannes. De la demonomanie. 
Paris, Chez Iaques de Puys Libraire Iuré, a la Samaritaine, 1581.
4to; 220x150 mm; legatura in piena pelle. Cc. [XII] 256. Note manoscritte al frontespizio e al verso. Firma di possesso “Reinier”. Qualche velatura d’umidità a qualche pagina. 
Rara edizione di questo importante, affascinante e influente trattato sui demoni di Jean Bodin. L’opera divenne rapidamente un grande successo editoriale. Fu sicuramente l'opera più pubblicata dell'epoca sul tema dei demoni e delle streghe. A causa della sua ampia distribuzione, è stato considerato da generazioni di storici un libro estremamente influente, responsabile di per sé di procedimenti penali su larga scala contro le streghe nei quattro o cinque decenni successivi. Pearl: “On the Demon-Mania of Witches’ (De la démonomanie des sorciers) appeared in 1580 and rapidly became a major publishing success. It underwent at least twenty-three editions and was translated from its original French into German, Italian and Latin. It was surely the most published work of the era on the subject of demons and witches. Because of its wide distribution, it has been considered by generations of historians to have been an extremely influential book, responsible in itself for large-scale prosecutions of witches in the four or five decades following its appearance.”
Thorndike: “… asserts that witches are transported through the air, that demons assume human form, and that men are transformed into animals. He believes in lycanthropy or werwolves and in the marks of sorcerers. In their professed cures they employ unnatural remedies and poisons like the brain of a cat or head of a raven. Really the only maladies which they can cure are those which they have inflicted, and in this case they must pass the ailment on to someone else…”
Brunet I 1025: “ce dernier ouvrage a eu une grande vogue dans le temps”. USTC. 5913; Index Aurel. 120.819; BM. STC. Fr. C16th p. 72; Thorndike VI 526; Caillet 1269.
Jonathan L. Pearl, in: Jean Bodin, On the Demon-Mania of Witches, Toronto, 2001. The work is offered with a valid export license.
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