NEWTON. Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica.

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NEWTON. Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica.
NEWTON, Isaac. Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica. Editio ultima. Cui accedit Analysis per quantitatum series, fluxiones ac differentias cum enumeratione linearum tertii ordinis
Amsterdam, Sumptibus Societatis, 1723

2 parti in volume in-4to mm. 270x215. Legatura coeva in piena pelle, titoli e fregi in oro al dorso. Pagine [28], 484, [8]; Pagine [12], 107. Vignette incise ai due Frontespizi, numerose xilografie nel testo, 3 Tavole ripiegate incise. Difetti alla legatura, internamente alcune bruniture e macchiette.

Importantissima ristampa dell’edizione del 1714, e l’unica contenente, con titolo separato e impaginazione separata, la Quantitatum Analysis Series. Questa edizione corregge alcuni errori commessi nella stampa della seconda edizione. L’edizione è stata curata da Roger Cotes e realizzata con l'assistenza di Richard Bentley, Master del Trinity College, con una nuova prefazione di Cotes. Babson: “In his important preface, Cotes attacks the Cartesian philosophy, then still in vogue in the universities, and refutes an assertion that Newton's theory of attraction is a causa occulta.” Questa seconda edizione contiene anche interessanti integrazioni. Bobson: “a second preface by Newton and considerable additions, the chapters on the lunar theory and the theory of comets being much enlarged.” Tre edizioni autorizzate dei Principia mathematica di Newton furono pubblicate durante la sua vita, ma la richiesta dell'opera fu così grande nel continente che furono pubblicate anche due ristampe non autorizzate ad Amsterdam nel 1714 e nel 1723. Cohen: “These Amsterdam reprints were a major undertaking, requiring the cutting of new wood-blocks for the figures and a new setting of type. The second reprint (1723) contains not only four tracts by Newton and W. Jones's 'Praefatio Editoris,' but also extracts from four letters of Newton's. These tracts are: De analysi per aequationes infinitas (first published by Jones in 1711), De quadratura curvarum and Enumeratio linearum tertii ordinis (published with the Opticks in 1704 and the Optice in 1706, but eliminated from the second English edition of the Opticks in 1717/18), and the Methodus differentialis. But this whole collection—the four tracts, the extracts from Newton's letters, and Jones's 'Praefatio'—was merely a reprint, without alteration, of a collection that was first published as a small book in London in 1711. It was reissued separately in Amsterdam in 1723 as well as being included as a supplement to the reprint of the Principia. How curious indeed that Newton's long-cherished plan of publishing De quadratura together with the Principia should have been realized only in this presumably unauthorized Amsterdam reprint of 1723!” Gray: “This edition re-set, with the plate and diagrams re-engraved. In the Analysis per Quantitatum Series, head and tail-pieces and woodcut initials are used. One tail-piece used several times has in the oval centre the initials G.W. with the 4 mark”.
Gray 12; Wallis 12, Sotheran, Second Supplement I, 5672; Cohen, Introduction to Newton's Principia, 257.
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