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Manuscripts Mineralogy. HÉRON. Mémoire sur les mines...

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Manuscripts Mineralogy. HÉRON. Mémoire sur les mines...
 Manuscripts Mineralogy. HÉRON DE VILLEFOSSE, Antoine Marie Albert. Mémoire sur les mines, usines du Royaume de Westphalie; Coup d'oeil général sur la géographie physique du Royaume de Westphalie; Mines et usines qui ont appartenu à la Prusse; Sur les mines et usines du Hanovre et du Pays de Brunswick; Mines et usines à fer; Combustibles fossiles; Mines et usines de la Hesse; Salines du Royaume de Westphalie; Comparaison de la richesse du Royaume de Westphalie avec celles des autres états de l'Europe; Comparaison des ressources minérales de la Saxe, de la Prusse et du Royaume de Westphalie; Pays riches en Mines non compris dans les tableaux statistique en Afrique, Asie et Wirtemberg, Bade, Fürstenberg, Darmstadt, Nassau Usingen etc.; Considérations sur la législation des mines et l'organisation des mines et usines de Royaume de Westphalie et législation des mines en Suède, Norvège, Russie, Angleterre, Espagne, Amérique etc. Manuscript, unpublished, [ca. 1808].

Folio; mm. 335 x 210; Contemporary blind speckled boards with two strings. 365 pages and 18 folded tables. Nice specimen uncut.

Condition Report

An important mining manuscript mainly on Westphalia (in western Germany) and other parts of Germany in comparison with other parts of Europe. This manuscript is very legible and includes some corrections and additions. A section in the end seems to be in a different hand. This is the first volume of the 1810-1819 edition of "De la Richese minérale, considérations sur les mines, usines et salines des differents Etats, en particulier du Royaume de Westphalie, pris pour terme de comparaison". It was written during the French Napoleonic war in Germany and differs slightly from the printed version but has less folding tables and no map. Antoine Marie Héron de Villefosse (1774-1852) studied at the "Ecole Polytechnique" and the "Ecole des Mines" during the beginning of the 19th century. In 1803 he became the first mine inspector in Germany, as well as Bohemia and a part of Poland, with a special stress on the province of Westphalia under Jerôme Bonaparte. In 1810 he started working on the final version of his "De la recherche minérale" published in its first edition between 1810 and 1819 in three volumes and an atlas. This is the manuscript of the first volume and the beginning of the basic description of the regulations and observations of mines in Germany during the early 19th century. In 1832 he became "Inspecteur général des Mines de France" under Louis XVIII. He also published several contributions in the famous Journal des Mines (later: Annales des Mines). No other manuscripts by him are known in the "Museum d'Histoire Naturelle or the Ecole des Mines et Ecole Polytechnique". The lot is offered with a validexport license.


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