Department of Ancient Books, Manuscripts and Autographs

The Department of Ancient Books and Incunabula, Manuscripts and autographs is based on the experience and expertise of Francesco Fonte Basso, specialist in the field, with a profound knowledge of bibliophilia, from incunabula to modern editions, from illuminated codes to illustrated works, without neglecting atlases and cartography, proposed in the national and international market.
Auctions of ”Department of Ancient Books, Manuscripts and Autographs”
A Collector´s Library Part II
Auction 0001
A Collector's Library Part II
tue 9 October 2018
Francesco Fonte Basso
Responsabile Dipartimento
Francesco Fonte Basso, specialista nel settore, con una profonda conoscenza della bibliofilia, dagli incunaboli alle edizioni moderne, dai codici miniati alle opere illustrate
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