To participate in an auction, you must be registered with Bado and Mart Auctions.

If you are not yet registered as a customer of our Auction House, you must complete the registration form, which can be done at our office, via email or through our website

To register you need a valid ID (driving license, identity card or passport) and the tax code if the customer is of Italian nationality.
Once registered at the auction house and once you have accepted subscription to the Newsletter, you will be notified with appropriate communications of upcoming sales, as well as receiving a copy of our annual paper catalog.

For further clarifications or doubts, please view our Conditions of Sale or contact us by email at info@badoemart, or by phone at 049 8755317. We will be happy to provide you with all the assistance you need.


To meet the needs of customers, Bado and Mart Auctions make available the viewing and display of the lots for sale, of variable duration and during the opening hours of our office, so as to provide anyone with the opportunity to check the quality of the goods offered for sale.
If you are unable to personally view the lots, we are at your disposal to receive additional information and additional photographs in order to ascertain yourself the state of conservation and the quality of the works you are interested in.


Participation in the hall: You can take part in person in our sales depending on law for Covid-19. By registering you will get a participation number (paddle). Registration can be made at any time and even at a distance by completing the appropriate form and sending it via email or fax, accompanied by a copy of an identity document.

Live participation: our auctions are transmitted in real time on our site. In this way you can follow the progress of the awards and, after registering, you can make your offers directly as if you were present in the room. In addition to our site, our auction sales are also supported by other online portals such as: LiveAuctioneers, Invaluable, Druout Digital and Registration is required to participate in the sale through these portals.
Web offer (Absentee Bid): a simpler and faster way to make your offers is to register on our site and place an offer, or more offers, on the lots of interest through the online catalog.

Telephone participation: if you cannot be present in the room, if requested, our staff will call you during the auction for the lots you will have indicated in the specific form. It is advisable to send this form preferably 24 hours before the start of the sales session via email to or by fax to 049 8755317.

In the event that the offers arrive out of time, Bado and Mart Auctions will not take any responsibility for the failure to register them. It is the purchaser's right to indicate on the offer form the maximum amount he would be willing to pay for the lot he is interested in, so that, in the event of line problems, it is possible for the auction house appointee however, defend the buyer's offer to purchase.
Written bids: by indicating in the appropriate form the lots you are interested in and the maximum sum you intend to offer (excluding rights), the auction house in the person of the auctioneer will raise on your behalf. It is advisable to send this form preferably 24 hours before the start of the sales session via email to or via fax to 0498755317. In the case of two written offers of the same amount for the same lot, this will be awarded to the customer whose offer was received first.




The lots purchased on the Bado and Mart Live platforms, including the Absentee Bids, will be subject to a commission of 25% which includes auction house rights and VAT up to Euro 100.000. Additional fees are charged on other online platforms (, Live
Commission of 18% on hammer price on Items with value of over Euro 100.000,00.

Any unsold lots can be purchased within one month from the end of the sale. The latter will have full visibility so that they can be used and purchased by our customers. The unsold goods can then be purchased at the starting price plus the commission rate of 25% up to 100.000 Euro of value for the item and of 18% staring price on Items with value of over Euro 100.000,00.

After the auction, those who have won one or more lots will be notified by e-mail by sending a pro-forma invoice containing all the information on the amount, complete with auction house rights and, if requested, shipping and insurance costs, complete with data on how to make the payment.
Lots can be paid immediately after the auction and in any case no later than 10 days after the sale date and/or after agreement arranged by buyer and Bado e Mart Auctions. In case of missed payment, Bado e Mart Auctions will act legally in full defense of his own rights and its clien’s.
Bado and Mart Auctions accepts the following forms of payment:
- wire transfer
Payment by bank transfer must be made using these data:
Banca Sella Spa
Branch of Padua
Current Account: 4V52149604180 headed to Antiquariato Librario Bado and Mart s.a.s.
COD. IBAN: IT 84 M 03268 12100 052149604180
- credit card (Visa or Mastercard) sending us the card number and the expiry date.
At the end of the auction we will send you the pro-forma invoice including hammer price, commission and shipping cost. It will not be necessary to fill in any other form, except to indicate any changes of address with respect to that indicated in the header of the invoice: after payment of the amount due, we will send your lot/s.
If you would like to entrust you to a trusted courier or courier company, prior notice, Bado and Mart Auctions will work to reach an agreement with the latter to provide adequate assistance in order to send your package as quickly as possible.
Timing may vary if the buyer is a foreign citizen, as the completion of the sale is delayed by the practices for issuing export license that depend on the Export Office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
These conditions are available in a Italian and an English version. In the event of any inconsistency, the Italian version shall prevail, in particular with regard to the interpretation of statutory terms and catalogue particulars.