Federico JONI

Legatura in pelle policroma su assi in legno.

XIX secolo
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Federico JONI
Legatura in pelle policroma su assi in legno.
XIX secolo

mm. 550x380 
Folio full polychrome leather on wooden boards, embossed decorations in gold on the covers. At the front cover: Bas-relief with religious scenes, Madonna enthroned in the middle with angels and saints.
At the back cover: coats of arms

Condition Report

A Genuine Binding by the Forger Joni, on Gothic-Renaissance taste, beginning of '900. Icilio Federico Joni (1866–1946) was a notorious forger who openly discussed his deceptions in his autobiography. A skilled producer of imitation "Gothic" altarpieces, he received a commission c. 1890 to create a book cover in imitation of those found on Siena’s Tavole di Biccherna, the elaborately gilt and painted fourteenth-century tax registers. Without ever seeing a real Biccherna, he established a lucrative business of faking Biccherna covers. Joni later boasted of incidents in which the local police were alerted to books purportedly stolen from Siena Cathedral or the state archives, only to discover that they were by Joni. A number of book collectors were deceived by Joni’s creations, and several of his works were published as Gothic originals. In his autobiography Joni discussed his methods for antiquing the covers by mixing soot, turmeric, chrome yellow, and gilding chalk with gum arabic to produce the patina on the gold. Today, Joni’s forgeries are highly valued in their own right.
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