Watercolors of Italy and Swiss. HOWER. Album

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Watercolors of Italy and Swiss. HOWER. Album
 Watercolors of Italy and Swiss. HOWER, Charlotte Augusta. Album di un Viaggio in Italia e Svizzera. Acquarelli e Disegni.
S.l., 1832

Oblong 4to, mm. 160x270; Contemporary quarter calf binding. Álbum with 28 illustrations: 12 drawings, 1 blank ink drawing, 15 watercolors. I on the verso description of the sites. Very fine copy.

Condition Report

Travel album in Italy and Switzerland of a lover of English art lovers, who signed in the counter with the date "Interlaken 1832" and adds that his album does not have to pay the customs "my my sketches not to pay Duty". Contains 28 original works by the author: c12 drawings, 1 drawing seppato, 15 watercolors. The tourist entered Italy from the Simplon and arrived to Naples. Drawings and watercolors are extremely interesting for their accuracy and the originality of the views. The album begins with an Alpine landscape design and continues with 4 views of Swiss lakes, 1 drawing and 3 watercolors, and a view of Chillon Castle; follow the Italian locations, seen on the road of the Simplon, Church in Baveno, Lake Maggiore, Velieri in Genoa, Recco near Genoa [drawing], Lake Bolsena, Gragnano near Naples, Sorrento. Naples is represented by a curious watercolor of still life, with botticella, sport for fish and a 'mummara'. Particular charm is the watercolors and drawings devoted to postiglioni, which are a precious material, unpublished for a history of communications and transport in Italy before the advent of the railway. Post-Boys' are depicted in 2 drawings, a secco pattern and three vibrant watercolors: a drawing depicts a 'Post-Boy' in Siena; the three watercolors cover the Tuscan posters, Terracina and Rome.
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