Cholera. Lot of 10 works.

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Cholera. Lot of 10 works.
 8vo, 200x125, quarter calf and cloth binding, gilt titles and ornaments at the spine, very slight foxing, fine copy.

RAHO, Vincenzo. De Cholera Morbo. Neapoli, ex Tip. Trani, 1831

Legato con/Bound with: LANZA, Vincenzo. Provvedimenti curativi nella Colera. Napoli, Gabinetto Bibliografico e Tipografico., 1836

Legato con/Bound with: PUCCINOTTI, Francesco. Lettere storiche sul Cholera-Morbus della Toscana. Napoli, Puzziello, 1836

Legato con/Bound with: D?ALFONSO, Giovanni. Colera Morbo. Napoli, Fibreno, 1839

Legato con/Bound with: PAPA, Ercole. Sunto sul Cholera-Morbus.Napoli, Tipografia del Ministero di Stato, 1836Legato con/Bound with: ROCHE, Louis Charles. Memoria sul Colera-Morbo epidemico. Napoli, A. Nobile, 1835

Legato con/Bound with: SALATI, Luigi. Monografia sul Cholera-Morbus. Napoli, Fibreno, 1831

Legato con/Bound with: FENICIA, Salvatore. Dissertazione sul Tifo Colerico. Napoli, S. Piscopo, 1855

Legato con/Bound with: SPERANZA, Carlo. Storia del Tifo Petecchiale. Milano, A. F. Stella e C., 1817

Legato con/Bound with: Poche parole sulla Febbre Colerica epidemica. Napoli, F.lli Rusconi, 18361 Volume

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The first scientific studies on Cholera are collected, which in the early nineteenth century began to wander around Europe. In these pioneering works, the most eminent doctors of the time are committed to understanding the methods of diffusion and the causal agent of cholera. The scholars were divided between miasmatici and contagionisti: the first believed that to cause the contagion to be the corrupt air, the contagionisti, instead, claimed that the cholera is transmitted through a contact between man-healthy and man-sick. The two volumes contain the most important contributions from both medical schools.
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