Humanistic poetry of the XVI Century. MINTURNO.

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Humanistic poetry of the XVI Century. MINTURNO.
 Humanistic poetry of the XVI Century. MINTURNO, Antonio Sebastiano. Poemata, ad Consalvum Pyretium. Venezia, Andrea Valvassore, 1564

Bound with: Epigrammata, et Elegiae; Venezia, Andrea Valvassore, 1564

Bound with: Poemata, ad illustriss. principem M. Antonium Columnam. Venezia, Andrea Valvassore, 1564

3 works in a vol. 12mo, mm. 140x96; Binding in avana leather, gilt title on the spine, green edges; 3 separate title pages: leaves 45 ,1 nn. [Colophon and Printer?s device], 1 blank; leaves 15, 1 blank; leaves 38, 1 with printer?s device, 1 blank. Woodcut initials, ornaments, Italic type. Ownership inscription on title. Some spots, unsophisticated copy.

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Rare edition. The major poetic works of Traetto's scholar and humanist are brought together: the second volume is of considerable interest, with epigrams and poems dedicated to characters from Greek mythology and classical antiquity. Minturno taught at the University of Pisa, became a bishop and participated in the Council of Trent: much appreciated both as a treatise and as a poet, was admired by Torquato Tasso who dedicated to him the dialogue entitled, Minturno, or de la bellezza. The work also deals with VesuviusFurchheim p.239 Branca, Dizionario critico della letteratura italiana, Torino, Utet, 1973. The work is offered with a valid export license.
wed 19 February 2020
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