Jean-Paul MARAT

Electrotherapy. MARAT. Mémoire sur l'Electricité Médicale.

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Jean-Paul MARAT
Electrotherapy. MARAT. Mémoire sur l'Electricité Médicale.
Electrotherapy. MARAT, Jean-Paul. Mémoire sur l'Electricité Médicale couronné le 6 Août 1783, par l'Académie Royale des Sciences, Belles-Lettres & Arts de Rouen. 
Paris, De l'Imprimerie de L. Jorry, N.-T. Méquignon, 1784

In-8vo piccolo, mm. 190x125; Legatura in carta decorata coeva; pp. 8, 111. Fioriture sparse. 
Edizione originale.

Rara opera del celebre rivoluzionario, uno dei primi libri sull’elettroterapia. 
Wheeler Gift: ”This is one of the early books on medical electricity. The author minutely describes a great number of applications that he made of positive and negative electricity on himself and others. He refers to person killed by lightning and adds many curious observations on cats, dogs and pigeons which he electrocuted.” Zeitlinger: “Rare... The author has the merit of being one of the first to treat soberly the subject of electro-therapeutics.” L’occhietto reca il titolo: Œuvres de M. Marat.
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