Military/Artillery. COLLADO. Pratica manuale di Arteglieria.

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Military/Artillery. COLLADO. Pratica manuale di Arteglieria.
  Artillery of 16th century. COLLADO, Luigi. Pratica manuale di Arteglieria. Venezia, Pietro Dusinelli, 1586

Folio, 295x195 mm.; Full calf binding of the XVII century, spine adorned, sprayed edges; leaves (6), 92. Title page within a frame with the device of the Duke of Aragon, Head-pieces, Ornaments, illustrated initials and end-pieces, 35 illustrations within the text, of which 6 full-page, 2 folded plates out text, sign. S2 e T2, all woodcut. Fore margin of 2 leaves reinforced, sign of dampstain. Good, unsophisticated copy.

Condition Report

Very rare first edition, beautifully illustrated. Hall: ?the first really detailed, well-illustrated technical manual on both the theory and practice of artillery.? One of the first and most conspicuous works dedicated to artillery: is the merger of the guns, the alloys of the metals, of various shapes of guns, bombs, mortars; the invention of gunpowder, the various mixtures, ingredients and their fabrications; also it contains general instructions on the use of artillery and the art of the miner. Cockle: ?Very rare; the only ed. of the original form of Collado's famous work, Ayala, nor having seen it. Sotheran: ?Very rare, and one of the earliest works, if not the earliest, dealing exclusively with artillery. The numerous types of cannon figured are of great interest, while the work itself represents a fine specimen of typography.? Philip: ?The greatest interest of this work as far as pyrotechnics are concerned is contained in Chapter 11 which is entitled, ". This book contains some of the earliest and fullest descriptions of recreative fireworks.? Zeitlinger: ?Very rare?. Hall, Ballistics in the Seventeenth Century, p. 46; Chris Philip, C 070.4; Sotheran, Bibliotheca Chemico-Mathematica, vol. I, no 6987; Cockle, no 664; Zeitlinger, n.6897.The Lot is offered with a valid export license.
wed 19 February 2020
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