HELIODORUS. Historia di Heliodoro delle cose etiopiche.

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HELIODORUS. Historia di Heliodoro delle cose etiopiche.
 HELIODORUS, Emesenus. Historia di Heliodoro delle cose etiopiche ? Tradotta dalla lingua greca nella thoscana da m. Leonardo Ghini. In Vinegia, appresso Gabriel Giolito de' Ferrari, 1560.

8vo, 153x102 mm; half calf and boards binding, gilt title and gilt ornaments on spine, corners, red edges. Pp. [16], 399, [1 with large printer?s mark]. Sign.: \ast!⁸A-2B⁸, some errors in the numeration. Printer?s mark on title page and in the end, head pieces and woodcut initial letters, italic type. Ownership note on page 399 ?Di Bellisario Bulgarini. Lode a Dio?. Nice specimen.

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Beautiful and rare edition of Giolito, ?Testo di Lingua?. This famous novel, divided into ten books, tells the loves of the daughter of the King of Ethiopia Charicleia and greek Theagenes through various mishaps and eccentric narratives, and has been consistently ranked as one of the best Alexandrian?s novels have survived. He had great success in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, was translated into many modern languages and exerted its influence on Tasso, Cervantes and the seventeenth-century French literature. Gamba: "He watched the learned Huet this fabulous Istoria narrated by Eliodoro 'has served as a model to all the novels composers who came after him, and it can be said with confidence that all have drawn to its source as it is said that all poets they drew on that of Homer. " Prestigious provenance: exemplary belonged to Bellisario Bulgarini, 1539-1619, poet and scholar of Siena, which constituted a splendid library. Of his hand the ownership note on the last page. Gamba 1375, other edition. About the provenance, see: Daniele Danesi, One Hundred Years of books: the library Bellisario Bulgarini and his family, about 1560-1660, 2014.
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