Otto Wilhelm von STRUVE. Autograph letter.

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Otto Wilhelm von STRUVE. Autograph letter.

Otto Wilhelm von STRUVE.
1819 ? 1905

Autograph letter.
Poulkova, 26 february, 1866

"Tres cher ami et confrere! Il me fait de la peine que la lettre d?echange (sic) Vous parvient si tard?

In small 8vo, 210x140. Bifolio, 27 lines on two pages. Text in French, minute hand writing in rapid italics. Header with date, signature at the end. Excellent condition.

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A very cordial letter to a friend astronomer, written by Pulkovo, in which von Strove speaks with regret of a 'lettre de change', a bill sent to his friend. Otto Struve then mentions the impossibility of making astronomical observations: ?Le temps n?est pas encore favorables pour les observations, et j?ai trop faire en d?autres directions.? Otto Wilhelm von Struve was the son of Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve, with whom he worked as an assistant and subsequently succeeded him as director of the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, until 1889. He is known for the observation of the satellites of Uranus and Neptune and for trying to measure the rings of Saturn. At the end of the letter two important Italian astronomers are mentioned: Ignazio Calandrelli, director of the Astronomical Observatory of the Campidoglio in Rome, died on 12 February, and his successor Lorenzo Respighi: ?J?appris qu?on donnera sa place M. Respighi.?
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