Philosophy and Medicine. TSCHIRNHAUS. Medicina Mentis.

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Philosophy and Medicine. TSCHIRNHAUS. Medicina Mentis.
 TSCHIRNHAUS, Ehrenfried Walther von. Medicina Mentis, sive Artis Inveniendi Praecepta Generalia. Editio Nova, auctior et correctior, cum Praefatione Autoris.

Bound with: Medicina Corporis, seu Cogitationes admodum Probabiles de Conservanda sanitate.Leipzig, J. Thomas Fritsch, 1695

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to small, mm. 200x160; Binding in half vellum and marbled paper imitating the ancient one; pp. 28), 296; pp. 4), 64. Various geometric figures and vignette woodcuts in the text of the first part. Slight sign of browning, fine copy.

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Second edition, which combines two works came out separately. The German scientist, who signed with the initials at the end of the dedicatory Loius XIV, dealt with mathematics, physics and philosophy, and was related to the greatest scientists and philosophers of the time as Ch. Huygens, I. Newton, B. Spinoza and GW Leibniz. In this work develops the themes more suited to his education: in Medicine mindset takes up the theme of Spinoza's ethical function of philosophy, understood as 'medicine' of the mind, and the emphasis, in logic, the time of definition than purely and formal grammar, a subject that will find wide resonance in the debate logical-methodological in Germany of the eighteenth century from Wolff. The second work, which begins with self-title page, contains precepts especially power and calming way of life that show the author's interest in the field of medicine. 


Krivatsy, 12002; Poggendorff, II, col. 1143. 
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