Prophecies. LICHTENBERGER. Pronosticatio in latino.

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Prophecies. LICHTENBERGER. Pronosticatio in latino.
 LICHTENBERGER, Johannes. Pronosticatio in latino. Rara et prius non audita: quae exponit et declarat nonnullos coeli influxus: et inclinationem certarum constellationum. Venezia, 23 agosto 1511.

4to; Green morocco binding with blind tooling on covers and double gilt rules inside cover. 39 leaves, 1 leaf blank; printer?s mark on black bordure on title page, ornamental frame with fitomorphic motiveson the verso of the leaf 2, woodcut manunculae and initials; a woodcut at full page depicting Ptolomaeus, Aristoteles, Sybilla, Saint Brigitta and Lullus with God on recto of leaf 3; 44 woodcuts within text. Some marginal annotation of ancient hand. Fine specimen with wide margins and very fine condition.

Condition Report

Rare edition of this famous book of predictions. The work, containing a series of prophecies, had several editions, starting from 1492 when it was printed for the first time in Modena, and very successful for its prophetic charisma and its obscure interpretations of events. The iconographic apparatus of this edition, which partly reproduces that of the edition of August 9 of the same year with the exception of a wood (towards paper 6) copied from that of the original edition (see Sander), follows taste styles typically Venetian, moving away from the typical versions of the German area. The illustrations are particularly impressive with 44 large woodcuts that interpret the prophecies with unusual fantasy.Essling 1252. Sander 3968. De Marinis, Il castello di Monselice, p. 67. D. Fava, La fortuna del pronostico di Giovanni Lichtenberger in Italia nel Quattrocento in "Gutenberg - Jahrbuch", Mainz 1930, p. 138 n 6.
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