Science and Faith. BONART. Concordia Scientiae cum Fide.

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Science and Faith. BONART. Concordia Scientiae cum Fide.
 BONART, Thomas Nordtanus. Concordia Scientiae cum Fide, e difficillimis Philosophiae et Theologiae Scholasticae quaestionibus concinnata: atque ad claritatem firmitatemque haud paulo majorem, quam quae ab obscuris Scholasticorum Principiis... revocata. Oratione vero perpetua & naturali doctrinae methodo notis ad ignota progrediendo deducta: Libris autem quinque comprehensa, quorum Primus de Corpore. Secundus de Incorporeo. Tertius de Deo. Quartus de Christo. Quintus de Analysi. Authore Thoma Bonarte Nordtano, Anglo. Coloniae, s.n.t., 1665.

In-4to, mm. 200 x 180, pp. 368, ith a lot of woodcut geometric illustrations in the text. Contemporary full calf binding, gilt title on spine. Nice ex Libris of the end of XVII century:"Aedes Christi in Academia Oxoniensi" (with stamp "sold by order"). Good copy.

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Very rare work, whose author remains unknown, so much so that even then Leibniz, admirer of the work, carried out among his correspondents and suppliers various investigations to identify the author (Work attributed to Thomas Anderton (see: BL German, 1601-1700, volume 1, page 368, No. A636, probable pseudonym of Thomas Bonart (see: British Library Catalog online) .The work proposes, as expressly stated, to grant science and faith , and includes several parts of physical and mathematical argument, both in Book I (De Corpore) and in Book V (De Analysi), which in part involves mathematical analysis. The lot is offered with a valid export license.
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