Sir John Frederick William HERSCHEL. Autograph letter.

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Sir John Frederick William HERSCHEL. Autograph letter.
 Sir John Frederick William HERSCHEL. 

Minute of the first issue of the essay ?On the Origin of Force?. 1865

?and the first and greatest question which Philosophy has to resolve, in its attempt to make out a Kosmos? is whether we can derive any light from our internal consciousness of thought, reason, power"

In 8vo oblong, mm. 143x220; A sheet written only on the recto, black ink. Text in English, minute hand writing in italics, some corrections and deletions. Excellent condition.

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In this famous essay, published in The Fortnightly Review, the famous astronomer exposes his conception of the theory, whose role is central, which must be based on hypothesis and that must be subjected to rigorous controls and experiments aimed at denying its validity. This manuscript regards the final part of the essay is certainly the first issue, with important differences from the printed text published in 1865 in the first volume of the magazine, on pages 435-442. The final phrases are: ?Constituted as the human mind is, if nature be not interpretable through these conceptions, it is not interpretable at all j and the only reason we can have for troubling ourselves about it is either the utilitarian one of bettering our condition by " subduing nature " to our use through a more complete understanding of its " laws," so as to throw ourselves into its grooves, and thereby reach our ends more readily and effectually?.
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