Switzerland. SCHWEGLER. Gemälde der Kapellbrücke in Luzern.

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Switzerland. SCHWEGLER. Gemälde der Kapellbrücke in Luzern.
 SCHWEGLER, Jakob. Gemälde der Kapellbrücke in Luzern. Luzern, Gebrüder Eglin, 1828

Oblong folio, mm. 260x350; Editorial light blue wrappers with Title, view of the Water Tower in lithography signed by Eglin, below the words "I Heft.", the first issue'; 1 sheet of text with the preface signed, 75 lithographs, numbered 1-74, but with 45a, 45b]. Each incision is contained in a triangle under which appear as a draftsman and engraver names, number of the table, legend in Gothic letters with the subject description.

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Original edition. Are depicted, in 75 beautiful plates drawn by Jakob Schwegler and imprinted in lithography by brothers Carl-Martin et Bernhard, the paintings that adorn the Bridge of theChapel in Lucerne. The Chapel Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Europe, is the symbol of Lucerne. It was built in the fourteenth century and was originally part of the city fortifications. The triangular panels with wooden boards depicting scenes from the history of Switzerland and the city were included in the seventeenth century.

Library of Congress: ?Lithographs after drawings by Jakob Schwegler of paintings on the gables of the Kapellbrücke over the Reuss River in Lucerne. The paintings, commissioned by Renward Cysat and begun about 1614 by Hans Heinrich Wägmann, depict the history of the city and of the medieval Swiss Confederation and display the heraldic shields of their various donors.?
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