Parassitology. VALLISNIERI. Two works.

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Parassitology. VALLISNIERI. Two works.
 VALLISNIERI, Antonio. Considerazioni ed esperienze intorno al creduto cervello di bue impietrito, vivente ancor l'animale.

Follows: Considerazioni ed esperienze intorno alla generazione de? vermi nel corpo umano. Padova, Nella stamperia del Seminario, 1710

2 works in one vol. 4to, mm. 240x180; Contemporary full vellum binding; pp. 16 nn., half-title and title page included, 51, 10 copper plates folded out text; pp. 12 nn., title page included, 160, 4 copper plates folded out text. Some pages with dampstains on the upper margin, unsophisticated copy with wide margins.

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First editions of the first two works published by Vallisneri. Sabia: ?Curiosissimi ed eruditi trattati.? The first describes some unique stones found in the brain of a cow; the second concerns the parasitic worms of the human body, and is an important essay of parasitology. Sabia notes that the first treatise contains information about vivisection and researches done in museums and collections to find maimed organisms, which had been able to survive for a certain period; in his second work, Vallisnieri understood for the first time accurately the metamorphosis of the chrysalis, and also described the tapeworm. According to the will of printer and author, is better to keep together the two books, as complementary: in fact in the half-title appear the titles of both works. Sabia, Opere di A. Vallisneri, n.78 e n.77; Cat. Vinciana n. 1769.
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