Two very rare works on Masonry bound in a volume.

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Two very rare works on Masonry bound in a volume.
ANONIMO. Fatti ed argomenti intorno alla massoneria e ad altre società segrete: cioè loro scopo e mezzi che usano a raggiungerlo.
Italia, [s.n.], 1861

12mo, 170x118; Publisher paperback, pp. 192. Contemporary hand note on the front plate. Good specimen. 
Two works bound together contemporary cardboard binding.

Rare first edition. Anti-Masonic work that has been reprinted several times. Pruneti: " Ma il mito del complotto internazionale rimane dominante e gli antimassoni della seconda metà del secolo individuano, nel comunismo, teorizzato da Marx l’ultima pensata della seta”. In the essay Facts and arguments about Freemasonry and other secret societies, following the old artifice of direct evidence that supports the thesis, the statement of a supposed Masonic leader is reported who states: " Non dire che il furto e la comunanza delle donne sono cose illecite ...”A curious handwritten note on the front plate that refers to the role of the Focese Lyre in Masonic music. Lattanzi 573; Luigi Pruneti, Report for the 1st International Symposium of Philosophical - Masonic Studies 28-29-30 April 1995.

Bound with: BIANCHI, Isidoro. Dell'Instituto dei veri liberi muratori
Ravenna, Pietro Mart. Neri, 1786 [ma: Cremona]

8vo, 175x105; Publisher paperback; pp. 137, [23]; Good specimen on thick paper.

Very rare first edition. The author, an eminent man of letters from Cremona, was one of the most active promoters of the Cremonese Loggia and maintained extensive correspondence, inside and outside Italy, with the most important intellectuals. DBI: “…nel 1786 pubblicò un opuscolo, con la falsa indicazione di Ravenna, presso Pietro Martire Neri, ma stampata a Cremona, Dell'istituto dei veri liberi muratori. He continued to be interested in Masonic life even afterwards." Lattanzi 467. For the author's name, see G. Melzi, Diz. Anon works. and Pseud. Volume II p. 47.
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