Surgery. TAGAULT. De chirurgica institutione libri quinque.

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Surgery. TAGAULT. De chirurgica institutione libri quinque.
TAGAULT, Jean. De chirurgica institutione libri quinque. 
Venezia, ex Officina Erasmiana, 1549
8vo, mm. 170x110. Leg. coeva p. pergamena. Due marche tipografiche al frontespizio e in fine, 10 incisioni in legno nel testo. Tagli blu. Qualche alone di umidità, 6 carte di indice assenti.

Bell’edizione di questo famoso trattato di medicina. Wellcome I, 6203; Adams T 54. "Appearing originally in Latin in 1543, this widely used book by a French surgeon who based his text largely on Guy de Chauliac was translated into Italian, French, and German. It treats of the nature and cure of wounds, tumors, hernias, ulcers, fractures, and dislocations. A sixth book by Jacques Houllier describes the tools of surgery. Several interesting woodcuts appear to be reduced copies of plates from Vesalius' Tabulae anatomicae sex".
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