Philosophy. DICKINSON. Delphi Phoenicizantes...

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Philosophy. DICKINSON. Delphi Phoenicizantes...
 DICKINSON, Edmund. Delphi Phoenicizantes, siue Tractatus, in quo Graecos, quicquid apud Delphos celebre erat...Appenditur diatriba de Noae in Italiam aduentu?: nec non de origine Druidum. His accessit oratiuncula pro philosophia liberanda. Francofurti, impensis Johannis Conradi Emmerich, 1669.

8vo, 147x90; full calf binding, gilt title and ornaments on back; pp [28], 142, [18], 48. Errors on numbering of pages. Woodcut initials and endpieces and headpieces; round and italic type, greek and hebrew, marginalia. Spread browning copy.

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Rare edition. In this work, written in his early years, the English royal physician and alchemist develops the thesis that the theology of the Greeks is derived from Holy Scripture and that Moses and Joshua are Bacchus and Hercules respectively. It reports a Phoenician Canticle on Joshua's victories, and provides the explanation of the famous inscription that adorned the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Particularly curious is the second part in which he claims that No has arrived in Italy, and indicates the different names that have been given to him; then speaks of the origin of the Druids and their sacred sciences. The book ends with a quick sketch of the history of thought in which he argues that Corpuscular Philosophy is the ancient and true philosophy.
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