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Aerostatics. Three works. LANA TERZI-CORTI-FEDERICI.

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Aerostatics. Three works. LANA TERZI-CORTI-FEDERICI.
LANA TERZI, Francesco. Del modo di fabbricare una nave che cammini sostentata sopra l'aria a remi ed a vele…
In Milano, appresso Giuseppe Galeazzi regio stampatore, 1784

8vo; 180x115 mm; binding in boards. Red sprayed edges. Pp. 21, [1]. 1 folded engraved plate at the end of volume. Woodcut vignette on titlepage. Little stratch on the plate and little sign of humidity on the bottom margin on the last leaf.

Very rare single edition by Lana Terzi. This is the work that contains the most evident and praised intuition of Lana. The theoretical invention consisted of a boat, which, suspended with four solid ropes with four copper globes, in which the void had previously been practiced, had to rise up in the air and with the help of sails and oars, go where it thought best. Unfortunately for the lack of a financing and for the prophetic fear from the same Lana that the invention could serve "to upset the vessels, to kill the men, and to set fire to the ships, with fireworks, with balls and bombs", the beautiful idea of the Jesuit monk remained in the theoretical state. The flying ship had, however, a wide reputation. Already in 1676 the German Sturm had a chapter in his work entitled "Collegium experimentale sive curiosum" printed in Latin. In the same year the Prenscher enhances the idea of the Wool. Lohmeier makes the invention his own, while the abbot Giovanni Battista Roberti decanted it in his poem "La moda". Versi also dedicates the abbot Saverio Bettinelli to it; the invention is kindly received by Leibnitz while Bernardo Zamagna dedicates two books of verse to the invention. From scholars and encyclopedias, Lana will be hailed as the forerunner of aeronautics.

Bound with:

CORTI, Adolfo. Sopra un aerostato a movimento orizzontale.
Milano, Da Placido Maria Visaj, 1821

8vo; 205x130 mm; binding in boards. Pp. 63. 1 folded engraved plate at the end of volume. Stratch on the margin with minimal interest of text on p. 21. Very slight and spread foxing. Stamp of exctinct library on p. 12. Good copy with wide margins.

Very interesting work on the history of aerostatics and aviation. The invention of Adolfo Corti of creating an ellipsoid air balloon, whose major axis was three times the minor, is described here, which allowed the aerostatic balloon to follow the direction of the great axis. The idea was to gain altitude with the climbs and descents for inclined planes.

Bound with:

FEDERICI, Camillo. Il globo aerostatico ovvero il pallone volante.
S.l.; s.d.

8vo; 187x120 mm.; cardboard binding. Pp. 64. Little stains. Good specimen in uncut edges.

Camillo Federici was an Italian playwright and theatrical actor, whose real name was Giovanni Battista Viassolo. He studied law in Turin, but soon showed a predilection for literature and for the theater: the favor that received his first tests led him to undertake a career as an actor and playwright, and he obtained numerous engagements in this dual capacity for various companies. The fame of his comedies spread rapidly throughout Italy: most of his works belonged to the genre of melodrama. The title and the author are present in half-title.
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