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Mathematical logic. PEANO. Rivista di Matematica.

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Mathematical logic. PEANO. Rivista di Matematica.
PEANO, Giuseppe. Rivista di Matematica diretta da G. Peano. Fascicolo I - Gennaio 1891. 
Torino, Bocca, 1891

8vo, mm. 240x160; Brochure editoriale; pp. 16. Lieve usura alla legatura, esemplare intonso.

Rarissimo primo numero. Kennedy: “The first article in the Rivista di Matematica is a ten-page summary of Peano’s work to date in mathematical logic. In his footnotes to the article Peano calls attention to Leibniz’ prediction of a language that “will be universal, equally easy and common, and able to be read without any sort of dictionary, and at the same time a basic knowledge of all things will be assimilated”… Here he also quotes Ernst Schröder to back up his claim. For the first time he mentions Gottlob Frege in a footnote. A brief note summarizes Books Seven, Eight, and Nine of Euclid’s Elements, in a way similar to what he had previously done for Book Five.”
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