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REMBRANDT. Self-portrait with a broad nose.

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REMBRANDT. Self-portrait with a broad nose.
Harmenszoon van Rijn REMBRANDT. 
1606 - 1669
Self-portrait with a broad nose.
Acquaforte di mm. 69x56. Rifilato all’interno del rame. Stato unico. Traccia di filigrana. Bell’esemplare.
Bell’autoritratto frontale di Rembrandt. 
Rijksmuseum: “Rembrandt was fascinated by the effects of light. This is also clear in his etchings, for instance in these diminutive self-portraits in which his face is mostly half cast in shadow. In the version with a fur cap, we can see that this head covering was added only at a later stage. He began the etching with a bare head: his hair is still visible through the cap.”
BB 29-1; B 4; H. 2A; Bl 208; M 42.
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