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 MONDELLO-NESTLER, Andrea. La massoneria. Roma, Tipografia editrice Romana Via del Nazarenon.14, 1887

4to; 235x165 mm; pp. 8, 308, 2; Cardboard binding. Good specimen.
Lattanzi 965B

The theme of the work contains thoughts on the substantial suitability between Freemasonry and communism, which became a workhorse of the entire Catholic press of the period. The phrase that unites Freemasonry with a form of anarchy is significant with these words: "From brothers armed with fires, extermination and death, which Freemasonry gave birth to, anarchy is born, which has no other purpose than to drag man in a wild state behind him with iron and fire, to live more than as a wandering beast among the ruins of cities destroyed and devoured by fire, among the uncultivated and deserted countryside, to graze on herbs and fruit that the earth would spontaneously give”.

Bound with: BERNOCCO S. I misteri eleusini.
Torino and Roma, Ermanno Loescher, 1880

4to; mm. 235x165; pp. 8, 125, 3; Typographical mark on title-page. Good specimen.

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