Botany. BAUHIN. Pinax Theatri Botanici.

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Botany. BAUHIN. Pinax Theatri Botanici.
BAUHIN, Kaspar. Pinax Theatri Botanici sive Index in Theophrasti Dioscoridis Plinii et Botanicorum qui à seculo scripserunt opera Plantarum circiter sex millium ab ipsis exhibitarum nomina cum earundem Synonymijs et differentijs... 

Legato con: 
Prodromos Theatri Botanici in quo Plantae supra sexcentae ab ipso primum descriptae cum plurimis figuris proponitur. Editio altera emendatior.  
Basileae, J. Regis, 1671  

2 parti in un vol. in-4to, mm. 250x180; Leg. coeva p. pelle bruna, tit. e fregi in oro al dorso; pp. (24), 518, (22); pp. (4), 160, (12). Primo Front. in rosso e nero, Marche tip. ai Front., Test., Final., Iniz., Fregi xil., 138 xil. n.t. nella seconda parte. Diffuse bruniture dovute alla qualità dell’inchiostro tipografico, un foro di tarlo nel margine bianco degli ultimi fogli, ma buon esemplare. 

Seconda edizione figurata notevolmente ampliata. Sono riunite le due opere più importanti del grande botanico svizzero, che inaugurò un nuovo sistema di classificazione delle specie vegetali. PMM: “Bauhin first established a scientific nomenclature. His ‘Pinax’describes six thousand species: it is the beginning of a modern ‘natural’ classification based on general morphology. Bauhin realized the convenience of the binomial nomenclature, which later became a central feature of Linné’s system. He decisively differentiated genera and species, giving names to genera, but without descriptions, while distinguishing species by diagnostic phrases. Bauhin’s book is still our most important source for the investigation of the botanical literature preceding him…” Sachs: “A still higher value must be set on the fact that in Gaspard Bauhin the distinction between species and genus is fully and consciously carried out; every plant has with him a generic and specific name, and this binary nomenclature which Linnaeus is usually thought to have founded, is almost perfectly maintained by Bauhin, especially in the ‘Pinax’”. Cuvier, II, pp. 211-14; Nissen, n. 104; Pritzel, nn. 507 e 509; P.M.M., n. 254; Sachs p. 33. 
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